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Hersheypark Has Sweet Jobs For Ages 14-17!

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We are looking for enthusiastic and friendly employees who are ready to have fun at work! Every position at Hersheypark is responsible for providing our guests with exceptional customer service, following proper uniform standards, maintaining cleanliness of your work environment and gaining knowledge of specific job duties. Each position offers a flexible work schedule that typically includes evenings, weekends and holidays. Pay rates for each position start at $6.50 but vary according to position and job duties.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out!


  • Costume Performer (16+)
    Do you think a job should be about having fun and making others smile? Well so do we! This is exactly what you are expected to do working as Costume Performer. Job duties for this position include; entertaining guests, posing for pictures, improvisational performance in a variety of settings and maintaining care and repair of the costume. As a performer, a portion of your duties also include acting as a guide/or voice of a product character.
  • Show Host (16+)
    This position combines the excitement and fun of Entertainment with the comfort of Guest Services and is responsible for directing guests to seating areas within the theatre, and other entertainment shows throughout the Park, enforcing guidelines within each theatre, greeting and assisting guests and maintaining attendance numbers.
  • Performer (18+)
    Go here, to find out more information on the auditions process.

Food & Beverage

  • Food & Beverage Clerk (14+)
    Clerks work in various food stands located throughout Hersheypark and are responsible for greeting and assisting guests, preparing food, operating cash registers and maintaining cleanliness of the food stand. To work in this department you must be comfortable handling money, be able to work in a variety of weather conditions and be able to stand, walk and life the majority of the shift.


  • Games Clerk (15+)
    Games Clerks are responsible for operating various skill games and arcades throughout Hersheypark. The job functions of this position include interacting and encouraging guests to play games & explaining and enforcing game rules. Individuals in this department must be comfortable handling and safeguarding money.

Guest Services

  • Front Gate Sales (16+)
    This position works at the front of the Park selling tickets, ticket taking and stamping hands for entry, as well as checking hands as guests return to the Park. If you enjoy customer service and working directly with guests, then this position is for you! Individuals must me comfortable standing in a variety of weather conditions.
  • ZooAmerica Admissions Staff (16+)
    This position works at the ZooAmerica Admissions counter selling tickets and stamping hands for entry, as well as checking hands as guests return to the Park. If you enjoy customer service and working directly with guests, then this position is for you! Individuals must be comfortable standing in a variety of weather conditions.


  • Retail Clerk(15+)
    Retail Clerks work primarily in a store or merchandise stand selling souvenirs such as sweatshirts, hats, candy and more. Other job functions include operating a cash register, stocking shelves and organizing merchandise. Individuals must be comfortable standing for lengthy periods of time at the cash register and handling money.

Ride Operations

  • Ride Attendant (16+)
    Ride Attendants take care of making sure each guest that boards a ride is safely secured by checking safety restraints, and directing guests on and off rides.
  • Ride Operator (16+)
    Are you ready to take the controls? Well be part of the Rides Department and you’ll be sure to be in charge! Ride Operators are responsible for operating and attending rides for adults and/or children, reading and speaking ride safety instructions, enforcing height requirements, and maintaining ride capacity logs. Individuals in this department must understand basic mathematical skills.
  • Shallow Water Lifeguard (16+)
    One of the coolest positions at Hersheypark! Shallow Water Lifeguards work specifically at the Boardwalk at Hersheypark and are responsible for ensuring the safety of our guests. Job functions include but are not limited to overseeing the Boardwalk attraction rules and safety regulations, anticipating, recognizing and responding to aquatic emergencies, & monitoring equipment and supplies. Lifeguards must maintain lifeguard and first aid skills at “test ready” level at all times and participate in weekly lifeguard in-service training. Applicants must attend and complete the lifeguard training program offered through the Entertainment Complex. The pay rate for this position is $8.80 per hour.

Safety & Security

  • Paid Parking Attendant (15+)
    This part-time job is great for individuals who require sitting for the duration of their shift. Job duties include handling the safe exchange of monies and tickets at the toll plaza locations within the Entertainment Complex.
  • Parking Lot Attendant (14+)
    This position assists with parking patron vehicles, directing traffic flow, manning traffic positions and generally keeping the flow of traffic orderly in the Entertainment Complex parking lots. Parking Lot Attendants may be asked to work shifts during concerts or special events


  • Clean-Up Crew (14+)*
    The Clean-Up Crew has job responsibilities similar to working in Sweeps; however this position includes pan and broom duties throughout the parking lots and stadium, ZooAmerica and will also assist in pushing water puddles and cleaning leaf and debris throughout the Park.
  • Hose Crew (16+)*
    Individuals in this area hose down walkways and ride canals with 1 ½ inch fire hoses and are also responsible for washing sponsorship vehicles throughout the Park.
  • Sweeps (14+)*
    As a Sweeps, you are designated a specific area of the Park and are responsible for picking up trash found throughout the Park using a pan and broom. This position is great for individuals who prefer working independently.
  • Sanitation Crew (14+)*
    Sanitation employees are responsible for cleaning restrooms throughout the Park as well as picking up trash throughout the Park, stadium and parking lots. You may even be asked to assist in cleaning up after a concert or stadium event!


  • Wardobe Clerk (15+)
    This department is fully air-conditioned over the summer, but that doesn’t stop them from experiencing the heat! In this fast-paced department wardrobe clerks assist in the wardrobe fitting process to all of our 3500 Hersheypark employees. Duties assigned include but are not limited to: Printing nametags, wardrobe fittings, laundering and sewing. Positions are limited for this small department.

*All positions require working in a variety of weather conditions.*


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